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February 2024 Minuskilian with Josie Brown

September 2023
Versals with Janice McClelland

June 2023 White on White

March 2023 Roundhand with Kath Partington

February 2023 Chalkboard Style with David Simons

colour mixing.jpg

January 2023 Colour Mixing with Josie Brown

November 2022 - Lino Printing with Iain Hodgkinson

October 2022 - Cursive Gothic with Janice McClelland

September 2022 - Formal Italic with Ann Mason

June 2022 - Holy Books with Deborah Morton

May 2022 - Borders and Decorations with Sylvie Gokulsing

April 2022 - Copperplate with Joy Daniels

Copperplate with Joy Daniels.jpg

March 2022 - Beyond the Literal Letter with Rachel Yallop

January 2022 - Rotunda with Peter Halliday

What a lovely day we had with Peter Halliday, learning Rotunda.  Very like Gothic, but much more reader-friendly with a more rounded appearance. Peter was very gentle with us - whilst focusing on script analysis as a group, and drawing our attention to the pen angle, x-height, size etc,etc, he let us loose without making us do miles and miles of alphabet practice.  Yippee!   And we had a few twiddly initial letter decorations, too! You know the sort of thing.  (To complete the day I had noodles for tea, inspired by the margin decoration, hahaha!).  At the end of the day, Peter showed us a Kelmscott facsimile page which used the Rotunda hand printed from blocks.  Just to prove that it was something easily readable!  So, thankyou Peter!  A cracking day.